Sierra MC7455 showing turned off after restarting the windows

We found that the Sierra Modem mobile turned off after restarting the windows. Please find below screenshot for your reference.

Turn off

can any one help us to resolve this issue?


Please refer the below topic for more details.

Let feel free to share any concerns you have

please find the attached photo of the device manger


i don’t know why it shows’ like its 2 cards but its one card only

Hi @itu ,
I am attaching your screenshot with added yellow cycle. That icon means the interface is being disabled
You can try to enable it and disable #2. It might resolve the problem
Please share if you have any concerns

thank you for your replay.

i did that and still the same issue.

why it shows 2 cards? any idea !

Hi @itu ,
Can you Turn On or Off Cellular from Network Icon on Taskbar?

Or can you please check whether the cellular is turned off on Airplane mode settings. Please turn on it if it is not

Your PC recognizes 1 card only. The first highlighted is network interface of the module and the second is the function of USB port

Please share if you have any concern.