Sierra GX440 Configuration Question


Is it possible to setup the GX440 without using DHCP? We have a private APN with ATT and our SIMS have a static IP’s assigned to them. When the modem starts, it takes a good 3 to 4 minutes for the modem to hand off the static IP to the Ethernet connected PC. The end user tries to login and cannot because the final connection has not happened.

If I watch this process, the computer boots, logs into Windows 7 and I have no Ethernet connection. Then it gets IP, it disconnects again and finally it gets the IP assigned to the SIM (what we want). It seems like if we turn off DHCP, the connection will not happen at all. We are using the latest firmware 4.3.5.

Thanks for any help with this,

Steve Poulin
City of Waterbury


Please contact your distributor to clarify your doubts. But, i’ll try to get the answer to the abstract question “Is it possible to setup the GX440 without using DHCP?”


Yes, You should get the IP by the network with this configuration.
But, some network providers take too much timebefore gicing the IP.
Also, if you use a 3G sim card (with LTE enabled ), the time can be very big. Can you try with LTE only SIM cards.
For more clarification and investigation, you have to contact your distributor/FAE.