MC7430 doesn´t connect in APN vivo

The model modem is MC7430 and we using in Brazil network.

The issue is occurring when we use one chip m2m with private apn ( Only in this MC7430 the IP address doesn´t set to a unique value (static in private apn) and this IP changes auto. All configurations are ok – apn´s user and password are right and with the same chip and configuration in another modem and brand, it works normally – IP set to static address without problem.

Does someone know what fix it?


IP address is assigned by the network. Please check with the carrier regarding static IP on that SIM.

This issue only occurs when I use MC7430, with another external modem the IP is fixed without problem.

Check AT!CUSTOM? and enable DHCPRELAYENABLE if needed. AT guide is available at AirPrime EM74xx-MC74xx AT Command Reference

The DHCP request from the host is sent to the network and the modem will assign what is received to the host. You can also execute AT+CGADDR or AT+CGCONTRDP to check the IP that was assigned to the modem.

here is the response. there is not DHCPRELAYENABLE in response:

AT+CGADDR with ERROR and AT+CGCONTRDP returns ok (no value)

If the modem is registered successfully on LTE, there should be an IP address with AT+CGCONTRDP with or without an active data session.

Set DHCPRELAYENABLE to 1, reset the modem, Start a data session and check AT+CGADDR or AT+CGCONTRDP