Sierra Airprime EM7355 module

Can you define what you mean by locked? Are you saying the units are locked to a specific network SIM card? I am assuming you have a way to power the units up and send AT commands to them? If so power it up against a SIM card of your choice and send at+cpin? to the unit, if it comes back with READY then you are if it is locked then you will need to go back to who ever you sourced the units from (as these are not for sale outside of the PC-OEM BU) to see what they are able to do to get them into a state that you want them in.



We just got Dell Tablets with the Sierra Wireless Modules EM7355 on the Verizon Network. There is no VZAM (Verizon Access Manager application) that supports this air card and I’m having a heck of a time with the IP routing. If I dial into the network, activate my VPN, over the air card, I do not get all the data from my 911 police dispatch. If I hop onto a MiFi or WiFi, do the VPN, I am able to get my data. There is something about this EM7355 card that will not let me fully into my application. Is there an updated ‘driver’ ??? We are in Michigan, verizon. Any support or ideas is greatly welcome! Thank you.

I just received some Getac F110 with the embedded Sierra Wireless EM7355 and I too am having the same problem hitting our internal network with these cards and cant figure out why or how to fix it. Have tried using vz access manager to connect instead of the sierra skylight but cant get vz access manager to run with this card. Something is being blocked by the card. I can VPN into my network and verify that I am connected and have a good IP address and can even see that Im logged into the network in my Cisco ASA, but I cant ping any computer, RDP to any computer or hit any internal web servers. But if I switch to wifi, i have no problems.