Setting up Android Studio and gl6110

I have a GL6110 USB
I am using a macOS 12.4 computer and I managed with coolterm to send and receive SMS

Here are the commands I used

receive SMS
AT+CMGL=“ALL” and enter

Send SMS
AT+CMGS="+33xxxxxxxx6" and enter

my texte and CRTL+Z

What I am now trying to do is read or send my SMS not by CoolTerm BUT by Android Emultor

Is it possible to configure GL6110 on Android Emultor and go through Android Emultor to send/receive my SMS?


You need to port the RIL driver in android to send AT commands to the modem

Thank you for your answer but I am a beginner and I do not really see what you are telling me. Are there any tutorials on it?

Did you download the source code of your emulator?
Can you compile the driver

I installed Android Simulator by installing all the packs in it

probably you need to rebuild the emulator:

Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re saying. Also the link on the site that you suggested to me no longer works.

i think you need to take some tutorial on how to rebuild the emulator: