API/sample application to send/receive AT command on Android


We have integrated Android RIL for EM7565 with QMI.

We want to Implement simple command line based C Application to configure SIM settings and get SIM status, connection status and other possible status information.

What recommended interface we can use for this? Is AT command only option or any other Interface/API we can use?

If we use AT command then is there any reference application/API available which can run along with existing RIL QMI daemon? Can it cause any synchronization issue?


@LTEEM Seems you are using Android platform, which Android version you were using? and what CPU (ARM or X86), and 32bit or 64bit ? We provide Android RIL library to customer.


@wzhand, Thanks for reply.

Yes we are using Android version 8.1.0.
CPU = ARM 64 bit (AArch64 Processor rev 13 (aarch64))

What can i do with Android RIL library?Does it meet our requirement of Application layer API to interact with Modem?Can you provide brief introduction and library?


You could find Android software from https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/android-8,-d-,1-ril-software-8,-d-,1,-d-,3,-d-,0/

there is integration guide help you step by step to integrate our RIL to your platform.




We have already integrated RIL package AndroidRIL_V8.1.3_ARM64 to our Android 8.1 BSP. We have used QMI based RIL(Not AT command). As, we have integrated with Android kernel, EM7565 works fine and gets connected to network. We access all things from Android UI.

Now as our product will not have any UI, we want to implement application which can get requried status and other information (for example, network strenght) as well as do SIM setting if requried. What can be the prefered approch?

One method we thought of is by using standerd set of AT command.
We have already refered the integration guide, but it doesn’t help much to understand how we can achive this. There is not any information available that can help. Can you please help here?

  • The integration guide topic > 3.2.1. > Integration RIL Source Files mention some source file in hardware/sierra/* directory. But there is no such directory available with RIL package AndroidRIL_V8.1.3_ARM64_bin
  • I guess system/lib64/libsierraat-ril.so lib should help to achive what we want. But we don’t see any application source which use this neither any headr file/readme for this?


@LTEEM What you mentioned is source codes level support which need agreement between Sierra and your company. Maybe you need contact Sierra Sales or FAE for it.

BTW Android Framework already have GUI show signal strength at right upper corner.