EM7565:AndroidRIL_V8.1.3_ARM64: Configure APN from cmd line/AT command

Hi All,

We are using EM7565 ported using AndroidRIL_V8.1.3_ARM64_bin on a device running with the Android.
We don’t have display and dont want to use Android RIL services. So we want to configure the APN and enable data connection from command line or native C api. This can be set of AT command or any other interface.
How can we achieve this?


You can install the serial driver and Gobinet driver.
After that you can send AT command(AT+CGDCONT) in /dev/ttyUSBx port to set APN.
To establish data connection, you can try with AT!SCACT command.

hi @jyijyi

I think serial and Gobinet driver are already installed as part of AndroidRIL_V8.1.3_ARM64 intigration.
We can send and receive AT command from hook interface lte_ctrl_client::oemHookClient

I believe android is using the module in qmi mode so will setting apn from AT command interface should still work?


yes, I think so.
I think you can easily verify this in Ubuntu PC which is an easier setup than Android platform.