How to set APN for all operators?

Hi all,

I’m using SMTP protocol to send mail. My application does it well but I have sfr APN “websfr” and I would make a code to set the APN for all operators.


Follow the example givem for “websfr”, and do the same for the other operators :question:

Thanks for your answer but there was no example for “websfr”. I’ve written the code by myself and for the “websfr” I’ve just made a #define GPRS_APN “websfr”
In my GPRS_Connector code I call this it by this way : WIP_BOPT_GPRS_APN, GPRS_APN

Now, I want to make a code to let the user enter the name of his APN once the app is running.


So how do you intend that the user will enter this information:

  • A custom AT command?
  • A text message (SMS)?
  • A keypad?
  • something else…?

With a custom AT command, I want to use adl_atCmdSubscribe to subscribe a command allowing that action.

So where, exactly, are you stuck with that?

Have you studied the section about custom AT Commands in the ADL User Guide?

Have you looked at the examples provided with the Developer Studio?

Note that many (most?) of the DS examples make some use of custom AT commands to supply parameters to the application…

Thanks Awneil! I have found one solution: I have created an AT command for the APN with the ATD command. And now, the user enter his own APN and start connecting. Now I can start the application with all operator sim cards.