Calling Custom AT Command

I have created a custom at command


and I have tested it over serial connection [works fine].

I want to be able to call this command from within my application. I have tried


but didn’t work and after going through the manual I think


works with standard AT commands only.

Anyone knows how to call a custom AT command from within ADL application?


Hi Clemence,

When you create a custom command, you do specify a call back function, right? I think you should be able to call this directly from your application…

Best Regards,

I agree with Jan - you’ve created this custom AT command, so just call its implementation directly!

I have the similiar question…

Actually when you subscribe an AT command, the OpenAT’s command PreParser will help to “analyse” the incoming command content (ACT, PARA, etc), count parameters and put all info into the structure (adl_atCmdPreParser_t).

But I want the "AT command " not coming from serial port, maybe from SMS; so I can pass a string as AT command to the preparser.

Or anybody can write a function to perform this job ?