Problem with adl_atCmdCreate?

Hi all!
I need to call an user at-command say “at+abc”, by programming.

but the documents say that can not call it by adl_atCmdCreate function, is there other way to do this?


You can’t call a user defined command via adl_atCmdCreate() - this is clearly documented.

However, as noted elsewhere in the forum, as you have the source code, you can just call the appropriate functions directly!

See: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3936&p=15464&hilit=custom#p15445 for a discussion about this topic…

ciao, Dave

Why do you (think you) need to do this?

If you explain what you’re actually trying to achieve, then people may be able to suggest (more) appropriate ways to do it!

yes, i know that i can using wm_strGetParameterString to parse a command line string a call correspond function, but it’s easier and simpler if it call be called from cmdCreate.
i wroten some custom command and want to execute both “OS” AT command and my custom command over gprs, so i used at_cmdCreate and got problem as this.

But it can not - and you’ve already quoted the documentation that specifically tells you that!