EM7455 Gobi drivers install

Anyone have a link on how to install the drivers on an android x86-64 machine?

you can try this one:

There is a readme.txt file inside and I can see the following:


  • Gobi network driver
  • Path is taken from the reference platform build
  • copy the new files to the appropriate locations
  • merge the existing files to the appropriate locations
  • make sure this driver is enabled in the kernel .config file


  • Sierra Wireless serial driver
  • Path is taken from the reference platform build
  • copy the file to the appropriate location overwriting any existing file
  • make sure this driver is enabled in the kernel .config file
  • make sure qcserial driver is DISABLED in the kernel .config file

Thanks, will try that.

Ok, got the drivers installed and dmesg sees the card attached, but the ttyUSB ports are not assigned. My guess is the kernel configuration is the problem. Not sure. I do not know how to change or view, or even where to find the kernel config file.

Do you have the serial and gobinet driver installed?

Yes, did the file copies from the android 9 Readme.txt, and the drivers download, and dmesg is seeing the card. But it appears that I need to enable the drivers in the kernel, and I don’t know how to do that. I believe that’s the reason for the USB ports not being assigned.

You can try insmod command if you already find the .ko file in your ADB console

OK, I have no experience with insmod, but will do a man check on it. Thanks for the tip.

Okay, the drivers are installed, insmod ran.

Here is the latest troubleshooting discovery :

I have both an MC7455, and an EM7455 card. Attaching them separately to the same USB port and booting the machine, the MC7455 initializes the ttyUSB ports, and the EM7455 does not.

Check on a ubuntu pc and make sure same fw and same at!usbcomp setting

Here’s the latest. I have the EM7455 card connected to my Ubuntu USB port, and I can see it in the dmesg output, but it does not bind ttyUSB0-2 ports that will allow me to execute AT commands. Any ideas appreciated.

Can you paste the dmesg?
Did you install gobiserial driver?
Is the mc7455 working?

You can also have a look on this which is not having AT command port, seems to be similar to your case:

I have not installed the Gobi serial driver essentially because my Linux box is not the target system for this card. That said, if that could contribute to the problem, I’ll install it. The MC7455 is working fine with the TTYUSB port acquisition, and I can execute AT commands on it.

Then what driver is used in MC7455 case in Ubuntu?
BTW, are you using same FW in both modules?

Have you checked this?