Android driver installation

I bought an EM7455 modem for my Khadas Vim3 pro. i have android 9 system. I downloaded the driver zip package from the site. But I don’t know how to set it up. Could you help?

Hi forgetmex,

The Android 9.0 RIL Software
These files should be installed in the source tree as in the following sub-sections and re-compiled in
the Android BSP. For more information about these files, please see the “Readme.txt” of the Android
RIL release notes.

Device Drivers
The path of all files in this sub-section are taken from the reference platform build.
QMI modules
The following are Gobi network driver files for QMI type devices (e.g. EM/MC7xxx, WP7xxx)

• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/Kconfig
• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/Makefile
• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/Structs.h
• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/QMI.c
• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/QMI.h
• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/QMIDevice.c
• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/QMIDevice.h
• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/GobiUSBNet.c
• kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/net/usb/usbnet.c

These should be merged with existing files and the new files copied to the appropriate locations. Ensure that these driver files are in the kernel .config file.
kernel/hikey-linaro/drivers/usb/serial/sierra.c is the Sierra Wireless serial driver file. It should be copied to the appropriate location, overwriting any existing file. Ensure that this driver is ENABLED while the qcserial driver is DISABLED in the kernel .config file.

Thank you very much for your reply @Donald . I first tried to install it as RIL. I applied the commands written in the directive. But the result was negative. Then I thought of doing it as NON RIL.

At this time, I could not transfer files to the Kernel and Sys folder. (i used ADB) I’ll do some research. and I learned that I cannot write to these folders in any way.

My only solution is to extract the .img system file. After doing the integration, I learned that it was flashing again.

Can I write to the kernel folder. If the answer is no, how can I open and edit this .img file from my pc

Hi forgetmex

Please refer to links below to open and edit this .img file

I hope this information is helpful to you.

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Hello, did you have success getting the drivers installed?