Set up openVPN client on MP70

We are trying to connect few mobile data centres using MP70 router/modem to our AWS cloud resources.

Currently on our AWS VPC, we have hosted an openVPN server. We also used local Linux machine as a openVPN client, successfully achieved the site-to-site connection from our local network to AWS resources by using a non-4G TP-Link router and land line internet. We would like to move our current structure to 4G network and integrate the openVPN client on the MP70 router/modem.

The first question will be how to setup static route on the router and how to view the router’s iptable/route table.

The second question will be does MP70 router/modem support openVPN client function so that we can use the router/modem as openVPN client to connect to our AWS resources by using ovpn config file, to achieve a equivalent functionality of the ASUS router ( Can anyone provide some hint or instruction manual on how to setup the VPN? And what is the version of the openVPN client, does it support firmware update?