How to connect to a device remotely

I have a MP70 modem and have a instrument connected to it through ethernet. I am able to connected control the instrument from my laptop if my laptop is connected to the modem with an ethernet cable. What I need to do is remotely control the instrument from my laptop. Does anyone know how to setup a vpn so that my laptop can communicate with the instrument remotely?

Hi @tpham,
Please download the guideline at link. Refer to VPN configuration page #171 for detail. The MP70 can act as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) device. It supports three types of VPN: IPsec, GRE, and OpenVPN. You can choose one of them for your topology
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Hi Vianney,

Thank you for you response. If I select IPsec as an option and configured the modem as shown in the manual. On my laptop, what do I have to installed for it to use the IPsec VPN? I tried the Windows 10 built-in VPN and it could not communicate with the modem. Do you know what I need to install on my laptop to use IPsec VPN? I don’t have any preference so if you know of a third party VPN option please let me know.

Hi @tpham,
Please consider below solutions for your network

  1. If you have an existing VPN you can follow the topic below for configuration
    RV50 OpenVPN routing problem

  2. If you dont have. Please try the Port Forwarding feature for remotely access to the instrument.
    In Port Forwarding, any unsolicited data coming in on a defined Public Port is routed to
    the corresponding private port and IP of a host (your instrument) connected on the LAN.
    The topology as the screenshot

Go to Security > Port Forwarding

Open port (ex: 80) on the instrument for accessing remotely
Note that:

  • Both solutions require the public IP for the GW
    Please try and share any concerns you have
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