MP70 Port Forwarding from VPN to LAN



I have the same problem as Using port forwarding with VPN, which hasn’t received any answers.

I would like to port forward from one of my VPN’s to the LAN on an MP70. I’ve looked through the manual, but I can’t find any way to define which network interface to port forward from. Ideally, I would port forward from the VPN to the (Ethernet) LAN and not from the Wifi or Cellular WAN.

I’m using ALEOS 4.9.1, build number 002. The Model is MP70, APAC, WIFI.


i have the same problem :slightly_frowning_face:


any luck solving this issue?


i have the same problem.
Router seems to listen only on wan interfaces.


No Luck,

It would be great if I could define the firewall (iptables?) rules myself. As it is now it’s not just NAT on certain interfaces, but other features such as IP masquerading which aren’t possible at all.