Using port forwarding with VPN

I have OpenVPN set up and it gives me these results:

  1. I can reach the ACEmanager page via from any machine in my data center. (Internal DNS has pointed the the IP the VPN server gives the ES450.)
  2. From a (to the ES450) connected_machine I can reach any machine in my data center.

Because of Verizon’s Large Scale NAT (or Carrier Grade NAT) I cannot reach wan_ip:9443/ from connected_machine (presumably because the traffic never actually leaves the router). I’m not worried about that because I don’t want to receive traffic that is not coming in the VPN.

Here is the challenge. I want to use port forwarding to send connected_machine:8000/ How can this be done?

Hi, i have the same problem.

did you guys was able to solve the problem ?