RV55 VPN Server

Hello All,
I have a RV55 on a private APN with static IP. Is it possible to configure the RV55 to act as a VPN server that I could connect to using the VPN client built-in to Windows 10? I spent some time playing with it today but didn’t have any success. I was trying to use IPSEC.

I’m confused as to whether I should use the server or client mode. The explanations of Host to LAN vs LAN to LAN aren’t making much sense to me either. Is the host the RV55?

If it is possible to make this work, can someone put together a tutorial for me?


My local rep/vendor told me that it’s not possible to use the RV55 as a VPN server (as described above). Apparently DIGI and Cradlepoint have included that functionality in some of their modems, but not Sierra.

Hi mbezzlr,

Yes. Server Mode is not compatible with Host-to-LAN configurations. You can find this on page 186 in ALEOS 4.13.0 Software Configuration User Guide.