RV55 SNMP Agent Set Up


I am trying to set up my Airlink RV55 to read SNMP data to a SCADA System.

I am using Version 2C and reading from Port 161. I have the agent enabled and the community names match, but for some reason am unable to see the data from the SCADA System. I keep getting an error that the maximum retries were exceeded.

Are there any additional settings that I am missing in the RV55 that need to be enabled to read SNMP data?

Trying to make sure all is well in the RV55 before moving to troubleshooting in SCADA. Thank y’all for your help!

Hi Conner.mccreless
What firmware version is your RV55 running?
Can you show me the template you have configured and screenshot SNMP configuration on ACEmanager your RV55 ?