How to receive SNMP traps or messages on a server

Hi Everyone,

We have some modems installed in the field. I want to enable SNMP communication so we may monitor voltage and RSSI values sitting in our lab. Currently we access the modem through AceManager through a webpage.

Modem : RV50

I setup SNMP through Acemanager following instructions in the document “ALEOS 4.5.2 Software Configuration: User Guide for AirLink RV50”. I also setup SNMP traps. I don’t know how to communicate with Modem. I want to collect all RSSI/voltage information and put them in a database to see the changes over the time. May somebody help me with the next step. The manual is not clear about it. Do I need to use some developer tools. I understand I need to write a receiver to catch SNMP traps.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Best Regards