RV50X Powering issue, Can't power it up


I am having issue in powering up RV50X GSM Modem. I am doing the same connections as they are given in the data sheet.

Fixed Installation:

Pin 1 red = + of the battery

Pin 2 black = ground ( -ve of the battery)

Pin 3 ignition = + of the battery

Pin 4 GPIO = ground( -ve of the battery)

When I make a connection, Power led doesn’t turn on.and I also measured the voltage on the GSM modem power cable it is 24Vdc. So my input is according to the data sheet between 7Vdc to 36Vdc.

I have tried calling sierra yesterday whole day for technical help, but no response. I have 3 GSM Modems and all have the same issue. Can I get a help on this issue.

Any response will be appreciated.
Thank you


If you are using the DC power cable that came with the RV50: Red and White wires go to battery positive. Black wire to negative. Do not connect the green wire to the battery; leave it unconnected.

Maybe I can hijack this thread a bit. What are the specs on the DC power cable? Specifically what is the wire size (AWG)?

The outer jacket says 20 AWG, stranded

Follow-up question: am I right to assume this is a micro-fit molex connection socket on the RV50? Here’s an example of a compatible plug: https://www.molex.com/molex/products/datasheet.jsp?part=active/0430250400_CRIMP_HOUSINGS.xml
Would this work if implemented on a harness design? I may rather integrate the connection in my own harness than utilize the included cable.