RV50 Standby to Idle Time


I am interested in the time it takes for the RV50 modem to switch from standby mode to the Idle mode and re-establish a network connection so that a UDP packet can be sent from the modem to a remote server.

(The RV50 is to be used in a remote telemetry application where to conserve power the modem is mainly in the Standby mode).

Does anyone have an experience or documents on the timing for the RV50 (or other) modem to come out of standby mode and be active.



Sean, did you ever learn anymore about this topic? Thanks.

Yes. The time from standby to cell connection idle is in the order of several seconds (30 ish) as the modem must restart the radio and renegotiate a cell connection before any transmission can occur.

The eventual deployment of the IOT type protocols on LTE (i.e. LTE-M1 and similar) will help in this regard as the radio can go into a lower power sleep mode whilst maintaining a cell connection. (So power consumption while idle is reduced from a typical LTE connection).