RV50: timed standby spanning the hour rollover


I have an RV50 attached to a data logger that sends out data at the top of the hour. I’d like to have my RV50 be in standby mode, coming on at 2 minutes prior to the hour (so it has time to connect in to the cell network, and because the logger can be a bit fuzzy on times when it has a lot to do) and going back into standby at 4 minutes after the hour. My read of the ‘hourly’ standby method is that it is only within a given hour (e.g. 0:05 to 0:10), if I give it a 0:58 start time and 1:04 return to standby it won’t accept them (it swithes back to ‘disable’ after I hit apply). The ‘custom’ method has a minimum frequency of two hours. Anyone have any thoughts on how I might get it to do that/

Thanks, Rob