AAF app to control Standby mode for low power

Is it feasible, using AAF, to write an application to control Standby mode? I’d like to set a RV-50 to sleep and wake up at a defined time. The Standby Mode offers a daily wake time. I need to be able to adjust this time and also have a method to enter standby mode on demand. Is this possible?

Last time I checked it didn’t. I too would like a little more control over once a day or every hour. I would like to say go to sleep until 6pm then wake up.

It seems the current AAF API does not support to create an app with power management ability. However, the current Standby Mode still provides basic functionality (daily, hourly, custom) to decide when the gateway goes to sleep and wakes up at the defined time. You may consider using “Use Standby Mode” = “IO + Timed” and control I/O pin properly.