I am trying to perform a MIB walk on Sierra Wireless RV50 and RV55 modems. In this example, I am testing with a RV50 running firmware v4.16.0.021. Prior to configuring the modem, I reset the device back to factory settings and then updated the settings so that it could be managed remotely.

I have entered the settings for SNMP into the modem and rebooted the modem. The utility that I am using to the MIB walk test is Paessler SNMP Tester v23.3.87.552. I started the Paessler utility, entered the cell modem IP address in the “Device IP/Port:” field, selected SNMP v2c, entered the comm string and entered into the “Walk” field found under the select Request Type section.

I performed my test two ways. The first was to connect my laptop directly to the modems Ethernet port and execute the MIB walk. When I ran my test using this method, I was able to walk the MIB file. I then disconnected my Ethernet cable and ran the same test trying to connect to the modems cell IP address. When I performed this test, the MIB walk would fail with an error code of -2003. As an additional test, I used a second SNMP utility, SnmpSoft, using the same parameters and it failed as well.

We use What’s Up Gold network monitoring application to poll various devices and send alerts if needed. I have several locations that I need to be able to poll the modems and retrieve information for the vendors that support the devices. Are there settings that needs to be changed on the modems so that information can be accessed? Any information that you can provide would be helpful.


Did you find the answer for this?
I’m guessing default behavior from a security perspective would be WAN side is disabled for SNMP while LAN side is enabled but like to know if this is the case?

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After some further testing it appears to be an issue with the state firewalls. We are still investigating the issue but at the moment that is what our assumption is.


Preston King