I’m currently polling my modems for Voltages and RSSI via SNMP. I’d like to poll SINR, RSRP and RSRQ.
Does any one know if these values are available? How could we get them added to the MIB if not…

I tried with MIB of Sierra Wireless and these values are available in this MIB. You can get this MIB on the Source
Please load this MIB to your MIB tool and get these values from the device.
You should check the SNMP version on your device and on your MIB tool, they should be the same.
I attached the picture that I can get these values from my RV55 gateway.


Perfect! Thank you, works like a charm.

I alarm like this… Do you agree with my ranges?
$def[$KEY] .= rrd::comment(“20dB<=SINR, Strong Signal with maximum data speeds.\n”);
$def[$KEY] .= rrd::comment(“13<=SINR<=20dB, Strong Signal with good data speeds.\n”);
$def[$KEY] .= rrd::comment(“0<=SINR<=13dB, Fair to poor, data dropouts possible.\n”);
$def[$KEY] .= rrd::comment(“SINR close to 0, performance will drop drastically.\n”);