Event Reporting Signal Quality and Strength

Greetings all. We have a fleet of GX440s and have been using the Event Reporting successfully to report back RSSI and EC/IO to help us build cellular coverage maps. However, RSSI and EC/IO are only really useful for 3G.

We would like to start building 4G cellular coverage maps, but the information we need, specifically RSRP, RSRQ, and SINR do not appear as options to monitor when building events. Nonetheless, this information is available from other areas, specifically the WAN/Cellular status page.

Are there plans to add RSRP, RSRQ, and SINR as options to capture when building Event Reports? Or is there currently an undocumented way to have the modem send out these reports?

Thanks all!

Anyone? A big selling point for Sierra Wireless modems for us was the ability to easily build applications off their event reporting. Can anyone from Sierra Wireless chime in? It would be a great help to know if there are plans to include this data in the event reporting.

We were able to locate a workaround that allowed us to download 4G signal strength data, bypassing the event forwarder altogether. AT commands.