RV50 serial port configuration

How can I setup the RV50 serial port (or USB as serial) to communicate with an RS485 device. I have an RS485 to USB and an RS485 to RS232 converter, and can use either, but I am not sure how to configure the serial (or USB) port to stream commands between my PC and the serial device through the RV50. i connect to the RV50 remotely with a static ip address, and would like to set the serial port to pass through directly to the RS485 device. I’m not sure if I should be using the PAD device port, or setup on PPP. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t know which protocol you need to control your device. If you set up a PPP connection, you can follow this ticket AirLink RV50 - Linux integration


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The RV50 only supports the RS232 protocol on its serial port. I think I have had a couple customers who have used RS232-to-RS485 converters attached to their RV50’s, but since I didn’t help set those up, I cannot provide any further guidance.

Thank you. Yes, I am aware. I have an RS485 9-pin to USB, as well as an RS232 9-pin to RS485 9-pin adapter to overcome this. I know the USB port can also be configured as a serial port, I’m just unsure of how to configure the ports properly. Any additional suggestions welcome. I just want the RS-232 or USB port on the RV50 to pass through the modem on an IP call to act as if I am directly connected to the RS232 or USB port on my PC. Thanks again!

No, the USB port does not function like a traditional serial port. It can be used like a console port, but not the same as the physical DB9 serial port.

This is quoted from the RV50 Hardware Manual: “USB Port can be configured to operate in one of two modes:
· Virtual Ethernet Port: The RV50 Series gateway behaves as if the PC
were connected to an Ethernet port, allowing access to the Internet and the
gateway’s internal web server. This is the default setting.
· Virtual Serial Port: The RV50 Series gateway behaves as if it was
connected to a standard serial port. The primary use of this interface is for
the AT command line interface of ALEOS and for diagnostic access to the
radio module.”