AirLink RV50 - Linux integration


I’m trying to connect our Linux-based (Debian) board to the internet through Airlink RV50’s serial port. Can you please give me a guideline to do that? I couldn’t find the information needed.

What should I do configure on ALEOS software for the device?
And which driver I should install on Linux board to interface with the Airlink RV50?

Thank you very much!


Hi PTran,
To use internet over Serial, you can create dial-up ppp connection from linux to RV50.
You can refer this document to setup a ppp connection on linux

Below is some notes that you can setup quickly a ppp connection with None authentication:

  • On RV50, Go to ACE manager -> Serial -> RS232 configuration ->General -> Enable RS232, Startup mode =“Normal”, DB9 Serial Echo field to Disable.

  • PPP tab -> Enter device IP, host IP ( default is 192.168.15.x) -> Select authentication (None)
    –> Reboot

  • On Linux host, create “gsm” and “gsm_chat” file under /etc/ppp/peers (update correct USB com port on your linux), I attached the example here peers.7z (818 Bytes)

  • Execute command: pppd file gsm

No driver is required on linux host
Hope it can help.

Thanks jerdung for the reply. I heard that the problem with ppp is throughput as RV50 is capable of much higher throughput that ppp can support, isn’t it?

Thanks again!

Update: I think I got it, the serial connection has limit to bandwidth. In my case I set it to 115200 bps. So PPP connection is good for that setup.
Thanks for your time, much appreciated!


Hello again, I created a new topic related to the internet connection at: