RV50: only the first of two GRE tunnels works

In my RV50, I have two simple GRE tunnels set up on VPN 1 and VPN 2. They both point to the same Remote IP. Their only difference is the Remote Subnet: VPN 1 is, VPN 2 is Both tunnels show a Status of “Connected”.

Using firmware 4.7 and 4.8, the modem and the private network behind it ( is only reachable if I connect from a PC in the VPN 1 subnet ( The modem and the private network behind it is not reachable if I connect from a PC in the VPN 2 subnet (

As a test, I swapped the Remote Subnets between VPN 1 and VPN 2. After the swap, the modem responded to a PC, but not the PC. In other words, the problem followed the RV50’s VPN “slot”, not the subnet. This seems to prove that it is not my configuration that is faulty, and is, instead, an issue with the firmware.

By the way, this same exact setup (two GRE tunnels with these same exact properties) has been working fine for years on two other Raven XE’s. Only our new RV50 exhibits this problem.


I wonder if you have had any success solving this problem? I am using an AirLink ES450 and have a very similar problem. On the remote side, I have multiple subnets (four in my case -,,, and I can only reach whatever I put in to GRE Tunnel configuration for VPN 1. The rest of the networks are unreachable.

I noticed that the the IPsec configuration supports additional remote subnets, which seems like what we need. But, GRE does not seem to provide that…


I was still experiencing this problem as of late 2019 using whatever RV50 firmware was current at the time – v4.11 I think? With that said, there is mention of a fix for GRE in the release notes for v4.13 (Jan 2020), so I plan on updating to it in the near future and will report back here when I do. I am not holding my breath, though, because Sierra Wireless has not even acknowledged the problem here.

Thank you for the update. I will post a fresh question on the forum to see if we can get any response…