RV50 on LTE-M network

Wondering if anyone has connected an RV50, or RV50X to the AT&T LTE-M network. I’ve checked the AT&T IoT device compatibility list and it has the RV50 listed however the AT&T IoT team were unsure if the standard RV50 could connect on the LTE-M network. I know Sierra Wireless makes the RV55 LTE-M device however I have over 50 standard RV50s deployed in the field and would like to change over to the LTE-M network for better pricing and larger coverage without hardware changes. Thanks!

Hi @erikbachmann

I would like to say that RV50/RV50X is not supported LTE-M. If you want to change over LTE-M, switching to models that support LTE-M is the only way.


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@cherokee Thanks for the response. So no connectivity at all, or simply no LTE-M benefits? I’m not too concerned about the low power, etc.

Hi @erikbachmann ,

I have figured out that you are not concern about LTE-M features such as low power mode, etc.

Because of lacking of AT&T availability, I run network simulator with LTE-M configuration, then my RV50 registered to LTE-M cell successfully.

Please note that when standard device connect to LTE-M network, specific service such as Low Power Mode is not available.

Hope this information could help you.


Thanks for checking, that is very useful information. Out of curiosity what network simulator do you run?

Hi erikbachmann,

I performed the test with Amarisoft simulator. You can find more information at Amarisoft website.