RV50 ALEOS 4.9.3 002 not responding to ping


I have two new RV50s upgraded to 4.9.3 002 with AT&T public IP SIMs. They are both set to have ALEOS respond to ping. When I boot them, they do ping but eventually stop. I can still get into the web interfaces and save/reboot. Is this an issue with 4.9.3 002?


I have since downgraded to RV50_4.9.0.040.bin to see if there is an issue with the current version. The modem now connects but still drops the Aleos ping response from the Internet connection a minute or so after it boots. Not sure why Aleos is not responding to ping or if there is some sort of timeout happening.


Have you checked under WAN/Cellular-General-Ping Response?


Nicholas. Both modems are set to “ALEOS Responds” in the drop down.


I have one that is set to not respond and it pings. And I have one that didn’t respond even though it was on “ALEOS Responds” as well