RV50 IPSec VPN established, but LAN not pingable

I’m working on proof of concept for one of our customers. We’re hoping to use an RV-50 as an economical replacement for an existing service offering.

I have built a VPN to a Palo Alto over a Private APN. I can see the tunnel is connected.

I can see pings from ALEOS (or hosts on the LAN) hitting the PA (ingressing through the tunnel), but the pings fail on the the RV-50.

When I source pings from the PA I can see traffic egressing through the tunnel interface, but I am not getting a response back.

Both ends seem to be routing traffic into the tunnel. But the pings aren’t working.

Can someone please advise? Our customer is holding out on an initial 50ish sites to replace our existing service offering and time is running out before we need to look for another cellular solution.



Hi @pete.m
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I have seen the issue almost same as your case and it was fixed in the ALEOS 4.15.3, please upgrade to the ALEOS 4.15.3 following the link below, then try again:


Thanks for you help. I am already on that version and the problem persists.

Hi @pete.m ,
The latest version of ALEOS was just released a few days ago, please upgrade to version of ALEOS 4.16 following the link below:


Then check again, do the issue still happens in this case?



I’m experiencing the same thing with my pfSense, even with 4.16 version.