IP Passthrough and remote management

I have been running about half a dozen RV50/X for several years now in IP Passthrough mode and a “Friends” IP list for remote access. They used to work consistently, allowing remote management for the RV and passing all other traffic to the DMZ host. Over the past year, it seems that the newer firmwares have some sort of problem with IP Passthrough and DMZ. Inconsistently, the RV’s will not be accessible from the Internet side. Sometimes after a reboot, it will work properly and I can hit the admin interface, sometimes not. NATing the management ports through the DMZ device is a hack solution I would rather avoid for an intermittent problem. Is there a fix for the RV intermittently not intercepting its management ports? Am I missing a new configuration setting?

Hi @sbotnick ,
The latest firmware has been released on Jan 06, 2021 Aleos Version with new bugs fixed. You can find the source at the link. Please try and share the result

The unit is reporting that it is running this: ALEOS Software Version: 4.14.0 ALEOS Build number: 014

Hi sbotnick,

The new doc for ALEOS 4.14 has some update at page 117 & 183 and you can download it at the link below.

In order for IP passthrough to work properly, please set DMZ to Automatic.


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