RV-55 Dual Serial Port Usage with IP Passthrough

Firmware: 4.15.0 016

I’ve configured the gateway for dual serial ports. The dual serial ports are set to use TCP/2101 for serial 1 and TCP/2102 for serial 2. The gateway answers on these TCP ports and, with a serial loopback plug at the end of the 'Y" cable serial ports, I see my looped data when testing.

Once I allow IP passthrough on the router in order to connect an Ethernet device, the second serial port does not answer on any TCP port. Is this a firmware bug or how it is supposed to work or a configuration error?

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For clarity, serial 1 still answers on TCP/2101 when IP passthrough was enabled. Only serial 2 failed to answer on TCP/2102. This was also observed on firmware 4.13.0 so it didn’t just happen when upgrading to 4.15.0.

Hi mdobak,

This means that your issue was resolved after updating to the latest firmware(ALEOS 4.15).



The issue persists with ALEOS 4.15. It happened with ALEOS 4.13 so I upgraded and it is still happening. Can anyone duplicate this?

Mike D.