RV50 Activity Stoped

Hello, I have an RV50 running seismic equipment in my home office as a test station. It has been running without pause for at least a week. The signal is fantastic, as I am in a city. Yesterday the modem stopped sending data, ALMS and Verizon showed that there was no communication/connectivity. I could not remotely or locally log onto the modem and all lights were green except the Activity light was no longer on. I did a power cycle and no change. I left it unpowered overnight, no change. I was going to do a factory reset as a last resort but then it connected while I was working on something else… What could have been the cause of this? Could it be modem specific? Can I expect this to happen again?

Hi adarold,

We need a log file to analyze the root cause of this issue. It can be a network issue. Please contact the Verizon operator to verify your SIM card.

Feel free to share any of your concerns.

Hello Donald,
Thanks for the reply. I tried to delete the post but can not find that option. Turns out Verizon was swaping the static IP for a private IP and had not alerted me to this prior to the work. Modem works just fine again and Verizon has agreed to let me know about changes prior to making them so I am not trouble shooting a modem at the same time they are working on it.

Hi @adarold

This issue has been resolved. Please help to tick “Solutions”.