RV 50 SIM Based Radio Module has been disabled

Radio Module Firmware gives me this Notice on Admin Tab, Radio Module Firmware, Under Firmware!
Everything was working fine till I upgraded to latest Aleos Software. Network and Signal Lights Blink red together at the same time. Power light is solid green.

Hi alduran,

This issue may be caused by incorrect software installation. Please provide some information below:

  • Your previous ALEOS software.
  • The URL where you got the latest ALEOS software.


The previous ALEOS software was RV50_4.12.0.028.bin.

This is where I downloaded the latest ALEOS software:


Hi alduran,

For selecting the correct software, could you please turn your RV50 upside down and provide your “Model” and “Part No” as picture below?

Here is the picture of the unit Model and Part No.

Hi alduran,

Firstly, remove all your Radio module firmware in Admin->Radio Module Firmware tab.

Download ALEOS software. Then download your specific operator radio module firmware, otherwise pick the Generic one.

Download the latest document below and follow step-by-step on pages 24-30 to update the software.


Hi Jerdung,

So I did exactly what you told me to do. I removed all the Radio Module Firmware from the Admin–> Radio Module Firmware tab.

I downloaded the ALEOS software and also the VZW Radio Module Firmware.
I followed the steps on pages 24-30. After all of that, the Network and signal LED’s flash at the same time.

Hi alduran,

The Signal & Network flash in red may be caused by:

  1. Your sim is not inserted. In this case, please insert your sim, configure operator APN properly
    and unlock Sim Pin if it was set.
  2. Your network is not available or signal strength is equivalent to 0. In this case, please connect antenna to “Cellular” antenna connector at the back of your device and move it to a location with a better signal.

In case your problem is not solved, this could be an issue that come with ALEOS software 4.14. All you can do is downgrading back to previous FW and wait for the next fix from Sierra team.


Yeah, it seems it all started when I upgrade to the latest firmware. Hopefully they will come out with a new one that fixes the Radio Module issue.