RV 50 FW Download

I have to change an RV50 from Verizon to AT&T, when I download the FW to do this, I assumed I would be able to just save to my laptop, and them upload to RV 50 once I get there, but it is making me burn the FW to a CD, is this correct? Then I just connect to the RV50 and point it to the CD to do the FW change?? Thank You

The firmware is packaged as an ISO, while ISO is often used for disk image distribution to be burned that is not the limit of the file format.

No need to unpack the ISO or burn it, just click the firmware import or upgrade and select the ISO file. The modem will take care of the rest.

AirLink RV50 Firmware Packages. Aug 31, 2017 - Author: Sierra Wireless - Version - 15563 Views. This page contains the AirLink RV50 and RV50X Update packages.