MP70 flashing from Verizon to AT&T


How to flash different radio firmware on MP70? Radio firmware downloads on the Source are all .iso files - there are no .zip files as described in the documentation, and as I’ve used before.

I have a new MP70 running, with an MC7354 radio module running Verizon firmware. Trying to start an evaluation of AT&T/Firstnet. I have tried to simply install a Firstnet SIM, but don’t get a cell network connection. Thought I’d try updating the radio firmware to AT&T. But what is available for download on is a .iso file (CD image). Mounting the CD image just reveals files the following files: manifest.txt, SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06.cwe and SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06_ATT_002.027_000.nvu. Using AceManager to upload these always give an error “Please select a firmware for MC7354”.

I have done this before, but the downloads were always .zip files. I can’t find anything in the release notes or configuration manual about whether .iso files are supported.

What am I missing?


Found my problem. The .ISO files DO work. I was trying to load the firmware for the wrong radio module.

I was looking for the radio module firmware under the heading “MP70 North America & EMEA”. When I looked closely, the radio module firmware files under this head are for MP7455 radios. When I looked under MP70E North America, I found firmware for the MP7354 radio that I have. I didn’t know I had an MP70E, and not an MP70.