RV50x Verizon & ATT radio module firmware

Device Model RV50X
Radio Module Type MC7455
Radio Module Identifier VERIZON
Radio Firmware Version SWI9X30C_02.05.07.00 r5154 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2015/12/04 22:23:15
Radio Hardware Version 1.0
Network Operator Switching OK

Want to be able to switch between a Verizon SIM and an ATT SIM. Manual says “The North American AirLink RV50 comes preloaded with multiple versions of radio module firmware.”

When the RV50x arrived it contained the “Generic” radio module firmware. That worked well with AT&T, but I cannot switch SIMs and connect with Verizon. I’ve loaded the Verizon firmware, as shown above, and that works well with Verizon, but I cannot switch SIMs and connect with ATT.

How do I load the multiple radio module firmware versions, as the manual describes, so I can switch between both ATT and Verizon?


Try to remove the generic radio firmware and load the ATT module. So, then you’ll have a Verizon and ATT.
Once uploaded, reboot the device(i think it’s done automatically).
Also, Admin->Radio Module Firmware->Network operator switching - Enabled.