Gx440 switch from Verizon to AT&T



I have a gx440 that I need to flash from Verizon’s radio module firmware to AT&T’s radio module firmware.
It has a radio module type MC7750 and ALEOS software verison 4.4.7.


Best Regards Thomas


How would I be able to active the other radio module.? To my knowledge there is only 1 radio module firmware on it.



Normally on the GX under the admin tab there is a ‘Radio module firmware’ option which enables you to switch between Verizon/AT&T/Generic.

Having said the above the unit you have must be really old if it has a MC7750 in it, this MC is a Verizon specific unit and will only work on Verizon. It went out of manufacture about 4 years ago, the AT&T equivalent at the time was the MC7710. Modern units (the MC74xx) support enough bands and are capable of switching between operators.

If you double check the unit you have, if it has either an MC73xx or a MC74xx in it then you can switch as per the admin tab I mentioned previously.




To follow on to @mlw comments — the ES/GX 440 series are carrier specific devices. As Matt mentions, the Verizon-specific model uses the MC7750 module. The AT&T device uses the MC7700. They cannot be flashed to the other carriers firmware.

The newer ES/GX 450 series (which replaced the 440 series) uses the MC7354 module, which supports multiple carriers and has firmware images that support Verizon and AT&T (and others).