Es450 changing carriers Verizon to att

I have an ES450 that I have used for a couple years on Verizon. Recently they adjusted their tower near my site and now my signal in -95. The speed is all but gone now, under 1mb down when it used to be 10mb or better. ATT has better tower structure and I want to change carriers. I have a new SIM but when I load the ATT radio firmware it co-exists with the Verizon firmware and logged in as user, I cannot change the active radio firmware.
Can someone provide me the instructions to remove the Verizon radio firmware and activate the ATT firmware? Is there an admin or super user login where I can do this?
I’ve googled this for a couple hours with no luck.
Any help would be appreciated.

Model ES450 Verizon
PN 1102383
Ser. LC51030048001003



I am not sure about the ES450, I have a GX450. Recently I needed to do a carrier switch and this is what I was told, it worked for me… best of luck!

[i]"The GX450 units typically comes with both Verizon and AT&T firmware images. Can you verify that the device still has the AT&T firmware image loaded in ACEmanager (Admin > Radio Module Firmware > expand all). You should see VZW and ATT firmware images in there.

If you see the ATT firmware image, all you need to do is to insert the AT&T SIM card, power up the device. The GX450 will automatically detect the AT&T SIM and re-flash to AT&T automatically. If device is re-flashing, you will see “chasing” LED pattern. This process takes about 7 mins to complete."[/i]

Thank you for your response. I guess they are different as this didn’t work on my ES.

Still looking for help on this issue.

Update to post.
I took the ATT sim back to the ATT store and found out it was bad. After returning with a second SIM, the procedure given above worked. Thanks again to MWolfe for the assistance with this issue. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: