RIL 9 binaries location

I need that someone clarify me the below location (picture) for the binaries, what does it means when you say : AndroidFS/(vendor| system/vendor)/bin/slqssdk

in the Android fs, slqssdk should be under vendor/bin/ or under system/vendor/bin/ ??

In the init.rc you said:

chmod 0755 /system/bin/slqssdk
chmod 0755 /system/bin/init.dhcpcd
chmod 0755 /system/bin/

so in understand the the right location is : system/bin/…

but in dhcp.init i see :

start dhcpcd

**/vendor/bin/dhcpcd -**G -B -d -o subnet_mask -o routers -o domain_name_servers -o classless_static_routes $IFACE

so where i can put my binaries?

you might need to change init.rc to the path you put the binaries.

@jyijyi you know all files that i should to adapt? (to put the right location)

you can try /system/vendor/bin/ first

@jyijyi , when i did it i got this error:
You cannot install files to out/target/product/rpi3/system/vendor while building a separate vendor.img!

Hi @wzhang … i saw in the forum that you comment in Android stuff … can you advice here please? Thanks

@georges.torval91 , you could regard AndroidFS as root folder / on your target system.

@wzhang, Ok i will add all SWI binaries under /vendor and adapt the init files (init.rc, init.dhcp …)
Thank you