Reset Octave & Device

Is there a way to reset my Octave configuration and/or my Mangoh Yellow
to defaults. I have come back to this from two months ago and haven’t a
clue about what I did then.
Thanks, Pete M

Hi Peter, we don’t have this feature yet.
A workaround is to create a blueprint with a minimum configuration you can then reuse over time.


I have many items on my MangOH Yellow. What is an easy way to get the device
back to factory defaults. If that is flashing to the latest legato/octave version
that will work for me. Then I can create a new “empty” blueprint

About Blueprints: I am unable to delete or modify an existing blueprint.

Hi Peter, you don’t need to reflash, the configuration is stored on the cloud.
If you want to clean your devices configuration:

  • delete all observations
  • delete all edge actions
  • Navigate to the resources screen and update the configuration of all the sensors, set the enable resource to false
    an alternative to clean your device state is is to use the device update API documented here:

From there, as soon as your device got synced, you can Navigate to Blueprints screen and create a new blueprint from your device => call this BP “empty BP” you can reuse later on.

Aha – thank you, this seems doable. I will try it.

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If you cannot, let me know we will find some alternatives.