Octave reliability

I have spent some time on configuring a MangOH yellow using the available documents and have so far managed to cover several features: combining sensor readings into a single update to cloud, periodic updates, storing state in virtual resources and so on. The configuration uses ultra low power mode to sleep and wake periodically to provide sensor readings while maximising battery life.

The problem I have is that this is not reliable. While octave is in charge it seems the sleep is not always honoured resulting in power draining behaviour. Also there are times when the device stops reporting for no apparent reason, for days at a time. Power cycling, connecting debug cables or resetting will usually bring it back to life.

How can I diagnose this behaviour or take steps to ensure the system is more reliable?

Hi Camillo,

Could you let me know your Octave account name? I could take a look at your solution and provide some feedback.

Hi @djudkins my octave user is mesiasc (company Fujitsu) - thank you

Hi Camilo,

Please start by following the instructions to minimize your device messages. https://docs.octave.dev/docs/minimizing-message-consumption-on-your-device.
You do have developer mode off, Diagnostics set to On (turn that off for production testing) and you have the heartbeat message set to on in the resource cloudInterface.

Hi Camili,

You can monitor the Device -> Streams-> :Inbox to check what operations / actions are applied/reported by the device, when it powered on for instance.