Can battery capacity be configured within Octave resources?

Hi Octave team,

I’ve seen the thread on the SetTechnology function over on the mangOH community forum related to battery charging limitations (which has code examples); however, as an Octave user, I would like to know if this can be configured without having to get down to a lower level of code. My use case is mangOH Yellow, solar panels, and LiPo single cell 2200mAh batteries.

Similar to the thread on the mangOH forum, I’m limited to recharging approximately 1100mAh. This would open up a lot of new use cases for my client.

Thank you.

I have posted the referenced link to the mangOH Yellow forum for reference

Hi Jason,

I don’t see any Octave support for battery technology selection in the latest mangOH yellow firmware. I will reach out to the product manager to see if there is any updates on this feature being supported via Octave.

Much appreciated Dave!

If it helps others, just started testing a possible band-aid solution using an MPPT-capable controller (DFRobot’s solar power manager (DFR0559)) paired with a 6V mono panel & 2200mAh LiPo. It’s been self-sustaining so far, likely due to the sunshine we’re getting, but it won’t be able to provide values on battery capacity (e.g. Resources/battery/value).

Jason, I have submitted a feature request for this.

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