WP77xx How to revert firmware version back to factory release version

Hi everyone, this is my first post so please direct me if I am in the wrong category.

I received my MangOH yellow WP7702 development board two days ago and started playing around. Unfortunately I made a huge mistake and upgraded the firmware to the latest version 2.1.0 (octave_2.1.0_wp77xx) It cannot be rolled back via the Octave web tool and the device is no longer connecting to the platform. I can Ping it in Command prompt, however “# hello” yields " Not found" How can I get it back to Version 1 (Release 6) ?

My understanding is that I need either the WP77xx_Release6_GENERIC_test.exe to perform the upgrade via Windows or via WP77xx_Release6_GENERIC_test.spk However this is not available at source for download.

Is the the correct approach? and if not what should I be doing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Please capture the result of the AT command “AT!IMAGE?”

Hi @Vianney,

Thank you for your response, I only receive “Not Found” message. Does my query syntax look ok? I tried a few different parameters

Hi @Senso,
In order to use AT commands, you could use tools like Autopilot or Teraterm to access to the AT COM Port of the module.

Hi Senso,
The question is: do you want to use Octave?
If you want to use Octave, you need to reinstall the firmware (.spk) that was provided with your mangOH Yellow, from mangOH Yellow website (https://mangoh.io/mangoh-yellow-resources-software). Note: WP77xx generic releases are pure module FW: they don’t contain Octave on them.

Also, in that case, I suggest that you change the category of your topic to “Octave”.


Thank you @thibs, I do plan to use Octave and just changed the topic back on your recommendation.
I am not sure how I missed the firmware image on the website, thanks again. I will try it tonight and update the tread.

Thank you @Vianney, I will try that once I am more comfortable. For now I think @thibs put me in the right direction.

Thank you @thibs @Vianney I have successfully rolled back the firmware using Fdt2 and the .SPK from the website.