Is there any way I can remote into the MP70 airlink and turn on and edit WIFI SSID and password?

Hi slyons01,

You can remotely access the ALEOS gateway by specifying the Internet routable IP address and default AceManager port in an Internet browser. For example:

In order for this to work, your cellular provider had to have issued you an Internet routable IP address. And by default, AceManager remote access is disabled so this should have also been enabled from the Services > AceManager tab.

Alternatively, you can register for an ALMS account for free (can register up to 15 devices per account) and deploy the WiFi configurations to the MP70 in question. The link to ALMS is provided for you directly below:


I have created an ALMS account and can even the see devices. but from that point on, I am lost lol
Do you know if they videos on using the web page software? I been trying to figure out how to create a SSID #2 and password that all the devices will be sharing. Also looking to see if the devices can be program to wake up and checking for updates at a set time.

where in the sitting do I turn it on (remote connecting using the IP address

Under Acemanager, select (HTTP + HTTPS) under remote access dropdown.