Regarding usb in Q2686

Some body share your ideas in interfacing Gps with Q2686 usb port
As you know the usb is slave in Q2686. if i connect my gps in usb port does the module can receives data ?


So your GPS must have a Host (or, at least, OTG) USB port - right?

If your GPS can correctly “host” the modem then, of course, you can use the USB to communicate…

Hi awneil ,
Thanks for your reply. The gps we using dosen’t have host or otg. kindly suggest me the gps module which have Host or atleast otg
Thank you.

I have no idea - I’m afraid you’re going to have to do your own research on that one!

I wouldn’t have thought that they’re going to be very common, though - if they even exist at all…

I think your idea of using USB is basically flawed here.

most of them would be serial or even spi


Have you looked into the CGPS companion chipset that Wavecom supply & support?

There’s an IESM board for the Fastrack Supreme with it already set up.

ciao, Dave

Hi for my part, I need to load and reread certain data through the USB port. How I can do that? did there is any app note or sample (not found in M2M :’( …)

thanks for any help.

ON the PC, it appears as just another COM port;

On the module, it appears as just another Flow - see the [b]Flow Control Manager /b section (in the ADL User Guide) for details.