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Hi friends,

I just wanted to ask is it feasible to have an lcd, spi flash memory connected to the q2501 module. It has so less i/o pins. Also do i need to have a device driver for spi memory.

Also what do u mean by internal mode of gps?

I am intending to use q2501 module using only open at api’s with no external application to send at commands.



I know, a little bit late for my answer :laughing: Stepped over your posting right now…

No Problem with this. I’m running (among others) a Q2501 with add’l SPI Flash Mem (8MBit), optional user interface is done via LCD@I2C and keyboard matrix.

If you want more IO’s you can use e.g. a I2C port extender for slow IO funcs (e.g. PCA95554), which is quite simple.

Caution! In contrast to the documentation you have to use IO pins for I2C interfacing, the hardware pins (#28, #30) are for SPI only! :angry:
And I2C is really slow, since it is implemented with software driven bit-jiggling.



Hello Dear

are you using 4 wire SPI or 3 wire spi

if external 4 wire spi is used how do you use it with 3 wire SPI on 2501b

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I have tried to solve your proble.Please find if it is ok for you.