SD card in spi mode with Q24+

[b]Hi, all

      I got a problem.......This is my 1st project...And only I am exiquiting this. I am trying to interfetching an external sd card with the module. I completed the hurdware like this...I connect...1.   pin 1 of sd card  (CS) with pin 28 of module.
  1. Pin 5th of the sd card (Clk) with pin 10th of the module 3. connect the I/O pins of Sd card with Pin 8th of the module.

I am using the system for vehicle treaking. And I want to save the each second GPS data in the external memory card. my system can transmit the GPS data in a 10 minit interval. But I want to Save the data in 1 second interval.

i cant complit my programming…

I am using Open AT Software for it…If any Body over here can help me then it will be very plaser to me… [/b]

i have the same problem

Why not?

What is your specific difficulty?

How do you know it’s the same problem? - thinkspider hasn’t actually said what problem he’s having yet!

So, What is your specific difficulty?


How well have you (both) investigated interfacing to a SD Card?

The SD card interface is proprietary (belongs to the SD Card Association Royalty fees must be paid both to join the Association (and get access to the complete spec) and for manufacturing and sale of both SD Cards and Host Adapters.

According to Wikipedia there is a cut-down version of the standard available from the SD card Association - have you looked at this yet? Have you looked at the Linux Implementation of the SD driver?

There’s plenty of info out there - some free, and some not. I doubt very much that someone on the forum is just going to ‘give’ you access to their code though - there’s a lot of work (and intelectual property) tied up in interfacing to a SD Card.

ciao, Dave

All this is refferring to SD interface to SD cards standard, not the SPI interface. SPI interface is well known, but optional for microSD cards.

ah, didn’t know it was optional.
so there are SD-cards out there that don’t have a spi-interface?
Or is it only optional for microSD cards?


Is it?

Do you have a reference for that?

“All memory cards must support all three modes, except for microSD where SPI is optional.” A quote from the same SD card article from Wikipedia. You can see a link to it above.